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50 years of


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Dates are handpicked around the farm in three to five roations to insure they are collected at the best time in their ripening cycle

Growing at the worlds lowest elevations provides us with a very rich oxygen atmosphere which allows for the sugars in the dates to form at the optimal level, giving our dates a very unique and sought after flavor and after taste.


Specialized nets  are custom made to the highest degree to ensure dates are ripening in a suitable environment.


Every branch of every palm tree is thinned manually in the start of the dates life cycle. This  ensures a nutrient rich date with a size we can control.

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Invested in a Water purification facility in our farm to ensure that our trees get the clean and healthy water they need.

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Research and development is always ongoing to ensure we are aware of new technology and constantly trying to discover new and high quality dates that will satisfy our customers. 

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10 Elia Abu Madi Street

Amman, Shumaysani, 11185


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